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Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturday 9/1/12

Hi All, We are meeting at Dos Pueblos HS tomorrow.
Neither Mike or Rusty will be at practice tomorrow (stay on task:)

Here is your workout:

Warmup for 40minutes EASY, DO STRIDES x 5-6, then assemble to your normal pace groups to begin.

Chicago/Long Beach Marathoners: Do full Select Staffing SBIM 9mile loop from parking lot at DPHS to in front of the school on Cathedral Oaks....If you are unfamiliar with the course...see here:

St.George Marathoners: Start in front on Tennis Courts on Side Walk adjacent Cathedral Oaks and do the 2 mile out and back TWICE for a total of 8miles (East on Cathedral Oaks, left on Glen Annie/Storke Rd to the end, turn around back to start and repeat)

Everyone else doing CIM or NYC or Grand Prix, you will do the St.George out and Back ONCE (4 miles) for at Tempo/threshold effort (~10-15sec per mile faster than goal marathon pace at this point)

Good Luck and see you Tuesday,


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sign up Santa Barbara Running Strong Core Class!

Sign ups are now open for the Fall session of Santa Barbara Running Strong held Friday mornings at 6am at Santa Barbara Running Company in Goleta.
SBRS is a mat Pilates class designed to develop and strengthen the core and stabilizing muscles that a runner needs in order to support an efficient stride all the while helping to prevent injuries.  The Fall session will run from September 7th through November 16th.  The cost is $150 due either before or on the first day of class to reserve your spot.  Class is limited to 20 participants and is already over half full.  Participants will need to bring their own mat to class; however, home baked treats for the teacher are discouraged.
Please contact: to sign up.
Drea McLarty

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday 8/25

Hi Everyone,

Saturday practice will meet at 6:30 a.m. at the foothill school off ribiera/catherdal oaks.

See you all there

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tuesday Practice 8/21/12

Hi, Rusty is out of town tomorrow, so you can either attend the PM workout with Mike or here is the workout and paces per group  (Those Rusty writes schedules for know their workouts and paces)

6x1K with 2min recovery jog between

Group 1: @2:05-2:10/400   (Vida, Stephanie, Ruth etc)

Group 2: 1:58-2:00/400 (Linda's group)

Group 3: (Rob and Brooke's group)  1:52/400

#3A (Claire, Maggie etc...): 1:42/400

#4: 1:38-1:39/400 (All 3:20 marathoner goals....Hilary etc..)

#5 (1:30-1:32/400....Jill C etc...)

#6 (88/400....Eric, Jeff, Joy....)

See you saturday....good luck!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday 8/18/12

HI All, We are having TWO workout locations tomorrow taking into account Chicago marathon Prep and St.George marathon Prep.

St.George Runners: 6:30am Mountain Drive

Chicago Runners: 6:30am Fairview School across from Goleta Library

SBIM Runners and all Else can choose any location.

See you tomorrow!

The order forms for SBRR uniforms are up under the SB PIC. If you missed the last order and wish to make one, please do so asap!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


HI All, If you have seen our uniforms, like them and didn't yet have a chance to order all or any part of them, see the links above (one for women, one for men) and re-order by Monday the 27th of August. After you order, SBRunning Co (129 N.Fairview Ave, Goleta) will need payment before the 27th for the order to happen.

Friday, August 10, 2012

saturday 8/11/12

Hi, We are meeting at the Vieja Valley School tomorrow at 6:30am.

SBRR UNIFORM UPDATE: If you ordered one or any part of one, they are waiting for you at SBRunning Co, 129 N.Fairview Ave. Please pick yours up asap!

See you tomorrow!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi All, we will distribute your brand new pre-purchased ASICS SBRR uniforms tomorrow at practice!

Saturday 8/4/12

Hi, We will be meeting at Leadbetter Beach tomorrow at 6:30am. FYI, one of our runners, Betsy Spaulding was in a major bike accident and is still in and out of a coma at Cottage Hospital. Jana McKee will have a card for us all to sign tomorrow  at practice. Also, if anyone is interested in helping her or in having updates on her condition, please see
to access the mealtrain for the Spaulding Family.

Also, We anticipate Uniforms being ready by Monday to be picked up at the Goleta SBRunning Co store, 129 N.Fairview Ave....or if we get our act together we'll bring them to practice:)

see you tomorrow,
Mike and Rusty