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Friday, March 29, 2013

Saturday 3/30/13

Hi, We will be meeting at DPHS tomorrow 6:30am. Boston folks will be very ready for the Boston Course!


All Boston Marathoners:

NO WARM UP (don't come early!), after we meet, head to the start across from the tennis courts on Cathedral Oaks, 2miles up and 2miles down at Marathon Goal pace, then drink your water/carb, easy 10miles finishing at the start across from tennis courts again and then 2miles up  and 2 miles down repeating first 4miles for 18miles total.

San Luis Obispo Marathoners:
start with Boston folks, and do 6miles at marathon pace (2 up, 2down, 2 up), then 4miles easy for 10miles total

Wine Country 1/2Marathoners and everybody else:
20min warmup, strides x 5-6, 4mile tempo run (2miles up and 2miles down), finish your easy miles as your cool down

see you tomorrow!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Hi, Boston week #9 is here! Meet at Leadbetter Beach. Boston folks will start at Leadbetter....Elise Way....Oliver...Cliff....Las Positas...Modoc to Bike path and back.
All others will start same place to Cliff/Las positas and back.
Good Luck to those doing their  Boston run in Augora Hills and to those racing the 5K and 10K and half!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday 3/16/13

Hi, we are meeting at Dos Pueblos HS tomorrow at 6:30am. Boston marathoners have 6 miles easy, then 10miles at marathon pace (2miles from the school up to the end of Glenn Annie and back (4), then on the SBIM course for the last 6miles ending on Hollister approaching Ellwood Bluffs, then finish up the loop for your total miles for the day.
All others are doing a shorter tempo run.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday 3/10/13

Hi, We will be meeting at Shoreline cafe 6:30am. All Boston Marathoners should arrive early (suggestion 6am to do their 8miles pre- marathon Pace section, then meet either Mike or I at Shoreline cafe at 7:10-7:15am to start your 9miles at Marathon pace. You will be going up to lazy Acres thern turn around and go back down out and back for 9miles total.
all others will be doing a different route to be explained tomorrow.
See you then!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Saturday 3/2/13

Hi, see you at Dos Pueblos HS tomorrow at 6:30am. All Boston marathoners and Los Angeles marathoners will do a 20min warmup (yes, we know, short!) then start across from tennis courts on CO to Glen Annie, left up to end of rd and turn around back to start and repeat for 8 miles total at Marathon race effort....then finish your long day with 9-10 more miles.
Others will do ONE up and back at tempo/threshold effort (what is tempo/threshold effort for this distance? ~12-15sec per mile slower than 10K race pace OR ~25sec per mile slower than 5 k race pace OR ready for this? Your most recent half marathon race pace. Get it?:) ...oh, yes, OR 85-90% of your max HR...the best  and most accurate option. The key is not to race these efforts as this halts your progress as counterintuitive as this might seem, slowing down here will help you race faster on race day.
See you tomorrow,