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Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday 4/27/13

Hi, Good luck to those racing the Gaucho gallop tomorrow as well as those that are running across the Grand canyon and back!
Gaucho Gallop race info for any interested is here:

Practice will meet at Goleta beach tomorrow at 6:30am.

See you then!

Rusty and Mike

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Donations

We have had requests to put up the link to
for those who would like to donate to help those families affected by that tragic events that unfolded during Monday's Boston Marathon.
Thanks and Congrats to those that ran and finished well and to those that were about to finish and never got a chance to cross the finish (Gary C).

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday AM workout 4/16/13

Hi, we had some incredible Boston performances despite the tragedy and I will recount all of them tomorrow. We have two workouts tomorrow one for those racing the 10miler this week and the other for everyone else.

Those racing the 10miler this week:
6x400@current 5k race pace...NO FASTER! with 75sec between each.

Everyone else:

4-5x1600@current 5k race pace with 3min between each.

#1 Margo, Steph, Vida @ 2:08/400 if doing 1600's, if 400's then 2:02
Cynthia/linda@ 1:58-2:00/400 for 1600's or 1:53-54/400 if 400's

#2 Rob, Brooke 1:52-53/400 for 1600's

#3 Claire Katie, Elizabeth, Jim, Hilary etc....1:38-1:39/400 for 1600, or 1:35/400 for 400's

#4 Jim Sloan, Christie, Stacey etc...1:33-1:34/400

#5 Jeff D, Rob, Eric, 1:26/400 for 1600's or 81-82 if 400's

See you all Saturday


As I am sure everyone is aware, there was a bombing tragedy at the Boston Marathon today.  A horrific day, I am thankful to report that everyone from the SBRR group is accounted for and safe