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Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday 2/26/11 practice

We'll be meeting at the Montessori School on Fairview Ave across from the Goleta Public Library.
See you at 6:30am!
Bring your hats and gloves!:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday 2/19/11 Practice

Hi, We will be meeting at Mountain Drive/Gibraltar tomorrow at 6:30am. Rain or shine!
See you tomorrow,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Boston Qualifying Procedure

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sat 1/12/11 Practice

Hi, We are meeting at San Marcos High tomorrow (Turnpike Entrance) at 6:30am where we will warm up to the Familiar and possibly infamous pebble Hill Loop!
See you then,

SBRR's "Team 44" wins Romeo's 4miler!

Sorry so late on this one....Congrats to Brian, Susie, Jim, Libby, Dan, Phil and Jess a couple weeks ago they did SBRR proud and won the Romeo classic 4miler team division.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

SBRR at San Francisco Half Marathon

Fun had by all on a great course. If you are looking for a fast course, this is the course to run! We had some phenominal efforts put forth by SBAA members that included some hard core eating, shopping, oh yea there was a race too! Claire Krock fell sick and was unable to make it to San Francisco. Poor Brooke must have caught Claire's cold last and gutted through it to finish a strong race. Thanks ladies to a great race weekend!

Chris Latham 1:39, Katie Kirkmire-Vining 1:42, Carrie Dent 1:49, Brooke Powell 1:52, Tamara Berndt 1:56 (6 Feb)

Congrats to Craig Prater!

Craig ran a beautifully executed 3:22 (sub 3:30 goal) at the Surf City Marathon! Super job Craig!!


What a GREAT weekend for our runners!
Some highlights:

USATF Cross-Country Nationals:

Our SBAA Team came in a very solid 4th place at the Master's Nationals Saturday, Feb 5th. This race is one of the toughest races in the country as people who race X/C are generally ready to suffer from start to finish and since it's run on grass up and down hills, a runners time or pace is not important so it's simply about beating as many people as you can and being as fit as possible to withstand the terrain and surges on soft surface. It's grueling and so much fun when your legs give out crossing the finish. We had a few of these performances which made it even more special.

Drea ran in one of the most competitive fields possible in the country today and was 42nd. Everyone who ran Drea's race was the real deal. She ran an incredibly tough mental race after having the stomach virus for two weeks. Her toughness is inspiring.

Mens results:

Rusty Snow, 4th overall (3rd in age group)
Eric Forte, 28th (16th in age group)
Tim Strand, 34th (20th age group)
Mike Swan, 44th (23rd age group)
Ignacio Jimenez, 71st (2nd in age group)
Joe Macphee, 87th (32nd age group)
John Brennand, 124th (1st in age group)

Sunday 2/6:

Mike Shalhoub won the Superbowl 4 miler today running a superb race! I was lucky enough to see Mike come back from way and with 1/2mile to go make a brilliant move taking a tangent that took him from 50meters behind Todd Booth to within 10meters (yes, in a road race you can take the shortest possible line as this is how all certified courses are measured.)
Mike caught Todd and ran a 21:19 (57 second PR on this course!)
Jamie Hagaar also ran a superb race coming from way back and running a big PR at 22:10 and beating some runners he hasn't beaten before.
Ricky ran well since he's not fit yet after his stress fracture.
Kent Harris was 3rd in his age group and was 47 seconds better than last year!
Phil Gans was 24 seconds faster than last year with John "the Unit" Nelson right behind him
Jessica Douglas ran a solid race coming in 2nd @24:41

It was a beautiful weekend with some great running.

See you all Tuesday

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hi Everyone,
just a quick addition. remember spring marathoners that this is a marathon pace, not tempo effort workout. You should know your marathon paces and the groups are as follows, group 1- 9 min +, group 2- roughly 8:15-8:25, group 3 8 min, group 4- 7:20-7:30, group 5, 6:55-7:10, group 6 6:40 group 7 6:05-6:20

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saturday 2/5/11 Practice

Hi All,
Mike and I will be racing in San Diego at the National Cross-Country Champs along with Joe Mac, Eric Forte, John Brennand, Tim Strand and Drea Mclarty so we will not be at practice. Also, another group of SBRR folks will be running the Super Bowl 4miler on Sunday so our group should be a bit smaller Saturday.
All others should meet at Leadbetter Beach and warm up for 40min, then start your Marathon Pace run at the Harbor (start where the bike path meets the harbor parking lot up to Elise Way is exactly 2 miles) and run up to lazy acres to Elise Way and turn around and run back down for 4miles total.

Boston Marathoners and Salt lake City Marathoners when you get back to the Harbor, keep going one more mile as you are doing a 5mile Marathon Pace run in your 15miler for the day (for those I coach...if Mike writes your schedule, you know what to do)

Alexis run the 40min warmup, do the 4mile tempo, then 2miles cool down for 10miles total.
Ruth same as Alexis unless Mike told you something different.