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Monday, October 26, 2020

Tuesday workout 10/27/2020

Hi Guys, some of you that receive schedules have your workout already. The following workout can be done on the roads or track....try NOT to look at your pace for the first 12min and last 12min and pay attention to your effort only and later look at your pace. For all others: warmup 3-4miles, strides x 5, 12min@90% effort, 4min jog, 4x400@5K Race effort with 90sec between, 4min jog, 12min@90%effort, cooldown Good luck and see you Sasturday! Rusty/Mike

Friday, October 23, 2020

Saturday 10/24/2020

Hi, Congrats on those that raced the Virtual 5miler last week! We will be meeting at Montessori School, 401 N.fairview Ave, Goleta across from the Goleta Public Libary tomorrow at 6:30am. THERE WILL NOT BE PRACTICE THIS TUESDAY AM OR PM THIS WEEK....We will post the Tuesday workout on Monday by 6pm. See you tomorrow! Mike/Rusty

Friday, October 16, 2020

Saturday 10/17/20 Virtual 5 Miler

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is our third virtual race, the 5 mile course on Farren road. We will be meeting at 6:30 a.m. at DPHS. It is a 3 mile warmup to get to the course at the corner of Farren Rd. and Calle Real. the first group will start at 7:15, with anothe at 7:25 and the final group at 7:35. Please self seed with those anticipating sub 35 minutes in the first group, sub 40 in the second and 40+ in the 3rd. For those unable to participate in the 5 Miler, we will outline a workout on Glen Annie. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Saturday 10/10/2020 .....announcements


First off Gary Clancy is home and recovering well! Gary Paid for an unlimited number of SBRR runners to to the virtual Summit for Danny. Lets get as many folks as possible to participate! Please sign up at "Register" and look for "if you are a guest of a sponsor "Click here" then pick Santa Barbara Running to enter.

Lastly, Terra Thomas is looking for old magazines to make vision boards with her if you remember what magazines look like and actually still have paper versions and would like to get rid of them, please bring to practice tomorrow!

We will meet at Handlebar Coffee on Canon Period tomorrow at 6:30am.

See you all then!


Friday, October 2, 2020

Saturday 10/3/2020.....BRING RACE BIB FOR GARY CLANCY

 Hi,  if you haven't heard one of our very own and one of our very first SBRR members, Gary Clancy, went into "Sudden cardiac Arrest" a few days ago. Thanks to his wife's quick thinking and CPR she saved his life and at this point it looks like Gary will recover  with no heart and lung damage. GREAT NEWS! 

We are collecting old race bibs with words of encouragement, love and strength for Gary (Thank you Elda for your work on this and your idea). Please bring one tomorrow and give to Elda.

Tomorrow's workout will meet at Vieja Valley and we will be doing the Via Roblada Loop...

See you all tomorrow at 6:30am.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Saturday 9/26/2020 and Joe Howell

Hi, Congratulations to everyone who ran the Virtual 5K last week! Great Job! We have 3 weeks until the 5miler, 6 weeks to the 10k and 8 weeks to the half marathon. 

Tomorrow's workout will meet at the Vieja Valley Elementary School at 6:30am!

We will be doing a 4.67mi tempo/threshold run tomorrow, which is below....starting from the tennis courts heading up Las Palmas left on Via Presada, left on Via Tranquila, left on Las Palmas, then re trace your steps taking a right on Lago Dr and a right on Estrella and back to the start and repeat 2mile loop and 2x the shorter 1.28mi loop for a total of 4.66:)

One more thing on the agenda:

Most of you know Joe Howell, who has been an active member of SBR&R over the years. 

Joe has been serving on the SB County Board of Education for more than 20 years. This is the first year he is on the ballot with an opponent. (Note that he is NOT running for the SB Unified Board; this is the SB COUNTY Board of Education.)

Please visit Joe’s campaign website and go to the “Join Us” page to support Joe with your endorsement, posting one of his yard signs and/or your donation. 

Joe’s name will be near the bottom of your Nov. 3rd election ballot if you live in his “Trustee Area #6”, which is described on his website.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Saturday 9/19/2020

 Hi Guys, our second race in the SBAA's Virtual Grand Prix is here! If you are racing tomorrow, please sign up here

We meet at Shoreline cafe tomorrow at 6:30am.....the course is the Nite Moves Course starting at Shoreline Park. 

First race will be at 7:15AM sub 18:30min (sub 6:00/mi) and each subsequent heat thereafter will be every 5min.

Race #2: 7:20AM sub 20:00min (Sub 6:30/mi)

Race #3: 7:25AM sub 22:00 (sub 7:05min/mi)

Race #4: 7:30AM sub 24:30AM (8:00/mi)

Race #5 7:35AM Everyone else

We don't know how many people will be racing, but if any of the groups are too large we will split them up.

If you do not want to race, then pick an appropriate heat and use it to do your  3mile tempo/threshold run.

Good luck and see you tomorrow!