Saturday, December 24, 2016

SBRR 2017 Updates (Payments and SBRR Rabbit Uniforms)

Hi everyone,

We are all set up to have everyone pay their yearly dues and order their SBRR rabbit kit (included in your yearly dues).  Here is what you do:

1. Use the Paypal button on the right-hand column and pay $125 for your yearly membership. Please do this by Jan 1, 2017.
2. Then select which type of coaching you want (general coaching $40/month or personal coaching $120/month).
3. AFTER you've paid for these, you can order your SBRR rabbit kit. 

As part of the $125 annual fee, both men and women get a SBRR singlet and a pair of shorts.  Men can choose from three different styles of shorts (3.5 inch inseam, 5 inch inseam or 7 inch inseam).  Women can choose from two different styles of shorts (2.5 inch inseam or 4 inch inseam).  All the shorts options are dark blue.  This is all included in your annual fee.

AND, you can also order (at your cost) some other SBRR items.  There are hats and visors for $24.  And women can also add on a pair of dark blue capris or bright green shorts to match the kit.  rabbit is offering women 40% off the retail price for the capris and bright green shorts if you order as part of your SBRR kit.  To get the 40% discount, use the code SBRR2017 at checkout. 

Friday, December 16, 2016


Happy Holidays!!

For 2017, we are making things simpler for those wishing to sign up for Santa Barbara Running & Racing (SBRR). In the past, you've had to go through the SBAA website. Now, however, SBRR, through this blog (WEB VERSION NOT MOBILE VERSION), will be accepting yearly dues ($125) as well as monthly general coaching fees ($40) and monthly personal coaching fees ($120). Using the Paypal buttons on the right hand column of our blog, this should be easy. Pay the yearly fee first (by January 1st, 2017), then whichever coaching fee you desire after that. This year we are excited to offer a SBRR Rabbit Running kit (included as part of your $125 yearly fee). The kit will contain a couple options of shorts to choose from and a gender specific singlet for men and women. The Rabbit link should be ready shortly and as soon as you pay the yearly SBRR Fee, you will be able to order your kit.

This year both Mike and Rusty will be at Tuesday AM and PM workouts respectively through the holidays, but will not be at practice Saturday Dec 24th and 31st.

Lastly, see you tomorrow at the Vieja Valley School 6:30am!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Saturday 12/10/16

Hi everyone,

We will be meeting at Vieja Valley school at 6:30a.m.  see you all there

Lauren McClanahan: 3:16:52 PR (strong and even race)
Lisa Dosch: 3:18:41 PR (even splits, beautiful race)
Jamie Duncan: 3:20:26 (second half over 2min faster than first half)
Jana McKee: 3:23:45 (2nd best time ever)
Maggie Mason: 3:23:03 (2nd in AG and 2nd ALL TIME for 60 yr olds at CIM)
Deanna Odell and Monica Devreese: 3:29 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Saturday 12/3/2016

Hi everyone,
We will be meeting at 6:30 am at the fairview Montessori school.  See you all there.
Good luck to all those running CIM on Sunday!