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Friday, February 24, 2012

saturday 2/25/12

Hi, We are meeting at the montessori School on Fairview Ave tomorrow at 6:30am. See you all there!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saturday 2/18/12

Hi, Practice tomorrow at Dos Pueblos HS 6:30am. April Marathoners (after warmup) will start at the top of Glenn Annie and run down the hill to Cathedral Oaks, take a right and run to the former start of that out and back 4miler (in front of the School), turn around, go back up to the top and finish the last two miles down the hill (6miles total) (down, up, down).
Non-Marathoners will do down then up for 4miles at threshold effort...85-90% effort.

Folks we have running grass will run behind the school on the fields and possibly golf course. (after warmup, 30min at 85% effort continuous, cooldown)

See you tomorrow

Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday 2/10/12

Hi, both Mike and Rusty are away racing the cross-country national championships in St.Louis this weekend and won't be at practice.
Jim Sloan and Jill Zachary have kindly and volunteered to lead practice in our absence.
We will be meeting at the Montessori School across from the Goleta Library on Fairview at 6:30am.
For those training for the Boston marathon or another April marathon you will run 5 miles at marathon pace after your warmup
For those training for the Carlsbad 5k or any other race other than a marathon or ultra, after your warmup you will run 2x2.5 mile loop (*#1@80% effort, 5 min jog, #2@90% effort)
*80% effort is ~marathon race race or slightly slower or "easier" than tempo pace. 90% effort is ~10-20 seconds faster per mile than 80% effort.
Those training for the LA Marathon after your warmup, do 4 x the loop ~10 miles at goal marathon pace

Warmup is 40 minutes easy for everyone
Those we write schedules for should complete assigned miles for the day after the workout.

Jim and Jill will explain the loop (2.5 miles) to everyone and break everyone into pace groups.

See you all Tuesday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Saturday 2/4/12

Hi, Practice is at Zizzo's Coffee Shop at 370 Storke Road (parking in the lot adjacent Zizzo'z), Goleta. See you at 6:30am!