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Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturday 9/1/12

Hi All, We are meeting at Dos Pueblos HS tomorrow.
Neither Mike or Rusty will be at practice tomorrow (stay on task:)

Here is your workout:

Warmup for 40minutes EASY, DO STRIDES x 5-6, then assemble to your normal pace groups to begin.

Chicago/Long Beach Marathoners: Do full Select Staffing SBIM 9mile loop from parking lot at DPHS to in front of the school on Cathedral Oaks....If you are unfamiliar with the course...see here:

St.George Marathoners: Start in front on Tennis Courts on Side Walk adjacent Cathedral Oaks and do the 2 mile out and back TWICE for a total of 8miles (East on Cathedral Oaks, left on Glen Annie/Storke Rd to the end, turn around back to start and repeat)

Everyone else doing CIM or NYC or Grand Prix, you will do the St.George out and Back ONCE (4 miles) for at Tempo/threshold effort (~10-15sec per mile faster than goal marathon pace at this point)

Good Luck and see you Tuesday,


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