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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday 6AM Practice

Hi All, I am in Boston until next Tuesday. Mike will be at practice Saturday.The workout tomorrow is 12x400 with 75sec jog between each. (unless I wrote specifically on your schedule something different, then of course, do that) If you are racing the 10miler this Saturday stop at 9x400. The pace should be a bit faster than you've been running but not "red lining" 75sec is NOT much time to recover.
Good Luck!

Group pacing as follows:

#1 Margo/Stephanie @1:55
Ruth/Vida 2:05

Ralph: 6x400 @2:40 with 3min between each

#2 @1:50

#3@ 1:40

#4 @1:30

#5@ 1:24

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