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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday 4/17 practice

Hi all,
Rusty is flying back from Boston today and will be back Saturday.
Your workout is:
1600, 4 min jog, 12x200 (45 sec between each); 4 min jog after last 200, then another 1600


Group 1: 1600@2:05/400, 200's@50

Group 2: 1600@1:55/400, 200's@47

Group 3: 1600@1:45/400, 200's@45

Group 4: 1600@1:37/400, 200's@43

Group 5: 1600@90sec/400, 200's@38

Others rusty writes schedules for know their specific workout.
See you Saturday!

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