Friday, October 7, 2011

saturday 1/8/11

Hi, we'll be meeting at the Vieja Valley School tomorrow. All folks running SBIM (5 weeks away) OR NYC (4 weeks away) we ask you to start your pre-marathon pace part of the workout at 6am. Don't bother coming back to the school until 7am which will give you an hr "warm up" between 5-8miles depending on your speed...we'll be running from ~19.5mi mark on the SBIM course to the Cliff/Oliver ~24mi mark and back to the start which will be ~9miles at marathon Pace.

All others meet at 6:30am as usual for your 30min warmup and you will run a Threshold/tempo run from the same starting point to Cliff/Oliver then jog back to the start.

see you tomorrow!

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