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Friday, August 23, 2013

Saturday 8/24/13

Hi, We are meeting at Shoreline cafe tomorrow at 6:30am.
Berlin, Portland and Chicago Marathoners will be doing 3x3mile on Flats terrain. Others will be doing 2x3mile.
The 3mile loop:
Starting at Shoreline cafe running East toward Milpas on the Bike path, turn left at Milpas/bike path and head back West on the side walk or Road if you feel confident that traffic and SB police will be kind to you finishing the 3miles at State street intersection with the bike path (The dolphins)...your recovery jog between repeats is to jog back to Shoreline cafe, quickly drink your electrolytes/Carbs, then repeat.

The 3x3milers should be as follows :#1@ 10sec slower than Marathon goal pace, #2@ Marathon Goal Pace, #3@10-20sec faster than Marathon Goal pace.....How to determine if 10 or 20sec per mile faster?
10sec per mile faster if you are very well trained and fit running over 50-60miles per week.
Probably closer to 20sec per mile faster if running less than this. Don't race the last one!

See you then,

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