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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi SBRR teammates!

It's already July (holy cow), and that means training for the Santa Barbara International Marathon & 1/2 is starting soon. That ALSO means that work on our beloved race program is under way. For the race directors and the hundreds of locals involved (most of you included!), this race is more about community spirit, support and participation than anything else. The race program offers a venue where we can all come together and show off the special places and things to do in our awesome town. But it's also about the locals -- there are tons of cool businesses out there that many of the runners would be interested in but don't yet know about. We're all athletes who care about family, our community and having fun ... maybe running a little, too! :)

For local businesses, the high-quality, full-color, glossy magazine that serves as the SBIM program is an awesome opportunity to get noticed. As you all know, the race program serves as the ultimate guide for runners and their families throughout the weekend. It's also something that participants will save and look back over for years to come. If you aren't part of a business that would advertise but know someone who is, please pass along this e-mail and/or my contact information.

Ad prices start as low as $125, and this year we're including a special section called "Made in Santa Barbara" that will feature locally made products. As members of SBRR, I love you all, so you automatically earn a 40% discount on rates if you sign a contract by Aug. 1. Deadline for all art is Aug. 15.

Full-price rates:
* Full-page (bleed): $2,000
* 1/2 page: $1,150
* 1/3 page: $765
* 1/4 page: $550
* 1/6 page:$375
* Business-card size (1/8): $200
* Mini square (1/16): $125
* Featured on "Made in Santa Barbara" page: $250

You and your families/friends can also still take advantage of "Good Luck!" notes we offered last year. This is already a special price, so discounts don't apply:
* Black-and-white mini square (no photos, max 15 words): $50
* 1/4 page full color (photo option, max 30 words): $100
* 1/2 page full color (photo option): $300

Thanks in advance for all your support! If you're interested in more information, please let me know. You can contact me via e-mail at or on my cell at 303-877-7629.

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