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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SBAA/SBRR....The details!

SBRR Coached Workout Program 2012 Summary
By: Jim Sloan
We’ve had several questions about how and what to pay for the SBRR coached workout program. Listed below is an outline of the program and how it works.
Starting in January 2012, all Santa Barbara Running and Racing (SBRR) coached athletes need to be members of the Santa Barbara Athletic Association (SBAA). You don’t have to be a SBRR coached runner to be in the SBAA but you need to be in the SBAA to be a SBRR coached runner. The SBAA subsidizes the SBRR coached workout program and has previously offered a discounted rate to its members. This discounted rate will continue, as all SBRR runners become SBAA members.  
The coaching program is provided by Rusty Snow and Mike Swan and you may participate at either of two levels: Tuesday/Saturday workouts (level 1) or a daily written schedule (level 2).
Level 1, Tuesday/Saturday workouts are group workouts provided by Mike and Rusty. You just show up and they will put you in an appropriate group and outline a workout for you and your group. They will monitor your performance towards your specific goal and help you achieve it. The Tuesday workout is a track, or interval workout and is currently scheduled for 6:00am (Rusty) and 6:00pm (Mike). Check with Rusty or Mike for specific times and locations. Saturday workouts are longer tempo runs. They are held at 6:30am at various locations around SB and Goleta. The location is posted on the SBRR blog sometime on the day (Friday) before the workout.
Level 2, the daily written schedule program is designed to provide runners with a specific goal (a race, a series of races, achieving specific fitness or time goals, etc) the ability to have their training schedule broken down into daily workouts. Once a week you will receive your workouts for the week. This will include miles, pace or effort, rest days, training advice, etc. You will also participate in the group workouts on Tuesdays and Saturdays and receive feedback from the coaches based on your performance and fitness gains either during the group workouts or reflected in your weekly schedule communication.
You can switch between levels at any timIe by discussing it with Mike or Rusty. If you are training for a specific race, say a marathon and you do the daily written schedule while building up to the race you can reduce it to the Tuesday/Saturday program for the period after the race while you recover and planning your next big race.
The cost of this program is as follows:
• SBAA membership: $30/year (mandatory for all SBRR runners and SBAA club members).
• Grand Prix participation: $10 (strictly optional to all SBRR and SBAA members). See SBAA website for info on the Grand Prix series of races and awards.
• SBRR Coached Program Participation: $100/year (mandatory for all SBRR coached athletes at any level).
• Monthly SBRR Coached Program fees:
o Level 1 (Tuesday/Saturday): $35/month
o Level 2 (Daily Schedule): $100/month
SBAA membership dues are renewed on the anniversary of your membership date (ie: if you joined in June of 2011, your renewal dues are due in June of 2012).
SBRR Coached Program Participation fee is due on January 1 or whenever you join the program. If you join in June, the fee is still $100 and will need to be renewed on January 1 of the following year (ie: it pays to join early and have fun all year long!)
Monthly SBRR Coached Program fees are due at the beginning of each month.
We are currently working on being able to collect all payments listed above on the SBAA website. Currently we have the capability to collect SBAA membership dues, Grand Prix entry fees and the $100 SBRR participation fee. The monthly fees are not on the website yet but we are working on it. We have had a few issues with PayPal and accepting payments on the website. Should you experience any problems with this please make your payments directly to Brooke or Katie (See Mike or Rusty if you haven’t met Brooke or Katie yet). If you pay Brooke or Katie please make out 2 checks, one for the SBAA membership ($30) and the SBRR participation fee ($100) payable to SBAA and the monthly programs fees ($35 or $100) payable to SBRR. Brooke and Katie are the keepers of the payment log so please make sure that you give your check directly to them in order to be properly credited. If they are not available at a given workout when you want to make a payment please see Mike or Rusty who will provide you with their email or phone so you can contact them directly.

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