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Sunday, December 5, 2010


It was a great pleasure to watch Tim Strand, Michelle M. and Kary all run PR's on a perfect marathon racing day!
Here's the way I saw their performaces:
Tim, 2:39 and change.....The goal was for Tim to break 2:40 and he ran like a Pro! Tim's split at halfway was 1:20:08, second half negative at 1:19:35! Tim has been working hard for years now and it's paid off. A big goal achieved!

Michelle's goal was anything under 3hrs, but I know she wanted 2:57. She was treated to the elite tent, had her own water bottles at various points on the course and got caught up in the hoopla a bit. Michelle went out about 30-40sec/mile too fast for the first 3miles and this hurt her BIGTIME. I honestly think she may have been able to run under 2:57 had she gone out much slower, BUT even though she was clearly hurting at 18miles, she suffered through and ran a great RACE to PR in sub 3hrs. Great JOB and a valuable lesson learned. The incredible thing is the fact she could run so fast at the beginning and still finish so respectably shows she is what we all know and that she's MUCH faster than 2:57! Congrats.

Kary is a novice competitive runner in general, but even more so as a marathoner, yet she ran with the savy and poise of a seasoned vet. As many of you know it takes years to be able to have ones speed equivalent match ones endurance. This is kary's situation. She's fast enough to run sub 3, but needs more time to build the endurance needed to do it.
At 18miles kary was in lots of pain, but never wavered and showed her fearlessness in the face of this and ran a great PR 3:09. Congrats!!

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