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Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi All,
We are meeting at the intersection of Mountain Drive and Gibralter at 6:30am tomorrow.
We should have a large group with some new comers so please introduce yourselves to anyone new and welcome them.

Those training for the St.George Marathon 12 weeks from now....your workout (after the warm up) will be 3miles (to the 3mile mark on Mountain Dr) at Predicted Marathon Pace (NO FASTER), then jog slowly back to the 2mile mark, take 2more minutes break then run 10-15sec faster/mile from mile #2 past the start down the hill a mile for your 3rd mile.

Others will either do 2x3miles (#1 at Marathon pace, 10min jog, #2 at tempo effort...10-15sec/mile faster) OR beginners/those not ready yet for such a long workout, will do only the first 3miles at Predicted Marathon Pace.

Mike and I will split those we write schedules for into pace groups as usual.

See you tomorrow!

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