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Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday 2/9/13

Hi, We will be meeting tomorrow at Shoreline cafe tomorrow. We are Juuuust about into week 4 of Boston training and will be doing two loops of this:

If you can't see this, no worries, we've done it before and you won't get lost.

All non Boston folks will be doing either one loop at 90% effort or two loops with 5 minute jog first 1 at 80% (marathon race pace), second at 85-90%. (10-20sec faster than marathon race pace)

Congrats to all who raced last week...a few highlights in Alphabetical order:)

Andrea Mclarty, 57th at Women's USATF Cross Nationals, (over a minute faster than last year with limited prep time considering her 2:56 CIM early December!)
Carl Parker, Superbowl 4 miler, 2nd 22:33!PR
Joy Moats, 1st F, 3rd overall, Broke 31yr old record for 4miles 22:37!PR
Jay Hennigan battled with David Groom in his age group and used his toughness and intelligence to beat him! Anyone who want to know how to race, watch jay!
Ricky Ho, 1st Superbowl 4miler, 21:32
SBRR Master's Cross-Country Team, 1st at USATF National Champs! (Rusty 3rd, Todd Booth 11th, Steve Harding 17th, Joe Devreese, 20th, Mike Swan 25th)

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