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Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday 2/2/13

Hi, Mike and Rusty will be racing the Cross-Country National Champs and will not be at practice tomorrow.
We are in week #2 Boston training and some are racing on Sunday and some training shorter races. Taking this into account here is the workout for all except those whose workouts we emailed them last week:

Meet Goleta Beach 6:30am, warmup 40 minutes, strides x5-6 20seconds, 2x3miles with 7 full minutes jogging in between. First 3 miles at either marathon goal pace OR 80%effort , second 3 miles  15-20seconds faster per mile or 90% effort (tempo or lactate threshold effort).
Cool down with either 2-3 miles or complete the mileage on your schedule.

FYI, if you want to watch the SBRR masters team race as well as any of the other races (Drea is racing the open women's 8k), the link is here:
Our race is 8am pst and Drea's is 11am. I believe you can either watch live at those times or watch the feed later.

Have a great workout, see you Tuesday!

Rusty and Mike

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