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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hi All, We had some great results today at the WC 1/2 marathon. Mike shalhoub ran a fantastic time on the hilly 1/2 course in what had to be a HUGE PR (at least 4minutes maybe 6minutes!...Mike feel free to post your former PR...GREAT JOB!). Ricky had a HUGE PR as well, Congrats! Tim Strand runs a big PR at Marathon Pace effort, not even racing! Same Goes for Drea, running very "easy" controlled marathon pace for first 6, then, according to plan A, flying the last 7+miles almost catching (30sec behind and closing fast!) Julia Stamps, one of the most heralded high school runners ever and many time ALL-American at Stanford (She's GOOD)! Drea's goal is an Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier in 6 weeks and she's ever so close to being ready to do it.
Tekle looks to have run a great one as well. (Is it true you were smoking only a few short years ago? Google "Priscilla Welch" and you might relate:) Actually, here you go:

Fantastic job everyone!

Mike Shalhoub 1:17:50 5th overall
Ricky Ho 1:18:21 6th
Tim Strand 1:20:03 8th
Drea 1:21:34 11th (second femaie)
Tekle 1:24:33 16th


  1. Need to give cheers to the Middle-of-the-Packers too:

    1329 Heidi Heitkamp Santa Barbara CA 45-49 Female 49 F 1:39:37.4 1:39:52.0 112 25 4

    1554 Katie Kirkmire Santa Barbara CA 30-34 Female 33 F 1:46:27.4 1:46:42.5 232 76 15

  2. ...and then running on Saturday I found two more people we run with that were there

    3116 Mike Myers Santa Barbara CA 40-44 Male 41 M 1:36:58.6 1:37:05.5 80 67 15

    2954 Katrina Carl Carpinteria CA 35-39 Female 39 F 1:42:55.1 1:43:21.4 168 47 8

  3. And cheers to those at the street sweepers
    1217 Torres,Stephanie 3140 59:07 1:19:35 2:19:21.7 2:18:42.3 10:35 F 49 Santa Barbara
    Not to shabby for a Nana.

  4. Thank you BDUTTER! Thanks for thinking of me!