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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tuesday night track 11.27

Hi Everyone,

I will not be at track practice tonight.  we will meet same time, 5:45 at goleta beach and the workout is 10x600 with 1 min rest.  these are threshold repeats.

times( per 400) will be
Ricky's group- 1:20
Carl's group- 1:25
Matt's group 1:32
Richard/Meghan/John 1:36-1:38
Elda's group- 1:42-1:44
Heidi's group- 1:46-1:48
Karen's group.  1:50
Teri's group- 1:52-1:54
Marie/Tamara 2:00-2:02
Peter 2:05-2:06

The following week, we will meet at SBCC at 5:45 at the entrance to the track


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