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Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday 10/13/12

Hi, We are meeting at the Montessori School on Fairview Ave tomorrow at 6:30am. We'll be doing the 2.5mi loop starting at Berkeley/Fairview, North up Fairview, Right on Cathedral Oaks, Right on Kellogg, Right on Berkeley. You should be drinking fluids after EVERY lap. This is a great opportunity to help yourself recover and practice drinking more frequently.

NYC Week #9 (5 loops)
SBIM Week #8 (4 loops)
CIM #5 (3 loops)

All non marathoners (i.e training for any other race but the above): 2 loops at Threshold effort (i.e. tempo run....12-15sec/mile SLOWER than most recent 10K race pace or 10-12sec per mile FASTER than most recent marathon race pace)


Dan Rudd 2:59:26 (PR)!
Elda Rudd 3:42:08
Ida Kane 3:42:08 (marathon debut!!)
Peter Crawford 5:23:28
Pieter Van Meeuwen 5:23:28
Anna Mrowka 3:43:13 (PR)!
Ruth Morales 5:00:58 (PR)!
Tamara Berndt 4:56:50
Marie Schnyer 4:24:47
Beverly Holmes 5:23:28 (marathon debut!!)
Paula Waldman 3:47:58
Ethan Reece 3:05:41

Long Beach:
Jill Christ 3:04, 2nd place! PR
Kate Elliott, 3:12, 5th place! PR

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