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Friday, September 28, 2012

Saturday 9/29/12

Hi All, We are meeting at Zizzo's Coffee tomorrow at 6:30am.  Here is the agenda:

Chicago/Long Beach/St.George marathoners: (most of you did your last MP workout today, GOOD!....if any in this group didn't do Friday, then.....1mi w/up, 6miles at MP, 5miles cooldown 12miles total)

Select Staffing SBIMarathon runners: easy 60min warmup (unless it's stated differently on your schedule), 2x4miles (first one at Marathon Goal Pace, 10min JOG, 4miles 10-15sec/mile faster than Goal Marathon Pace), 1-2mi cooldown  19-20miles total

CIMarathoners:  60min warmup, 5miles at Marathon Goal pace, cooldown as written on your schedule.

Everyone else, warmup for 30min, strides, then 4mile tempo run, cooldown 12-14miles total

The Loop: Starting on Phelps side of Girsh Park at 5mile mark of SSSBIM Course (see map at and running to DPHS (9mile mark)

Rusty will be concierge tomorrow  and will have FLUID Performance (the Electrolyte/carb solution on course for the SSSBIM, November 10th) Two flavors for you to choose from and you guys are the lucky ones to vote on which you like better for race day!)


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