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Sunday, April 18, 2010

SBRR in Boston!

Tim Smith2:43:5381.45%PR
Jamie Haggar2:55:1071.31%PR
Dan Rudd3:05:0373.39%PR
Jill Zachary3:09:0576.70%
Susie Adams3:12:2274.61%PR
Joseph MacPhee3:14:3967.42%PR
Betsy Spaulding3:19:5479.99%
Elda Rudd3:23:1670.61%PR
John Voorhis3:31:0469.17%
Jana McKee3:32:5768.88%
Gary Clancy3:49:2570.22%PR
Claire Krock3:55:0957.95%
Maggie Mason3:58:1769.80%


  1. Good luck to everyone racing in Boston!

    -John Lofthus

  2. Just put SBRR on my bookmarks bar, alongside SBAA. Pretty cool, huh.

  3. Congratulations to all the Boston finishers. Very impressive races!